Men’s Health – Quiz

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Certified Herbalist Men's Health
You'll need to correctly answer at least 11 of the 12 questions below (at least 90%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: This herb is popular for men’s prostate health.
Question #2: This nutrient with vitamin C is essential for men’s fertility.
Question #3: This herb has a strong aphrodisiac effect due to stimulating the lower spinal cord.
Question #4: How can you help prevent jock itch?
Question #5: Pumpkin seeds are high in
Question #6: These, Buttermilk, Blaand, Matsoni, Sour Cream, Cheeses and Bonny Clabber are all
Question #7: Men should do a testicular self examination.
Question #8: Upload 10 materia medica examples. Upload as one file. These will be in your own words. Do not use other's work. Cite all sources if needed.
Allowed file types: doc, pdf, jpg, png, jpeg, gif, docx.
Question #9: Pine bark has been a natural remedy for centuries. Current research shows pine
bark offers nutritional support to promote prostate health. Pine bark has also
been determined to boost sperm quality and quantity, and encourage excellent
sexual responses.
Question #10: Pumpkin seed offers a spectrum of nutrients
that have been positively associated with
prostate health, such as zinc, potassium, and
iron. Research recommends these nutrients
coupled with pumpkin seeds’ antioxidant
activity offering incredible support for the
prostate. One study reported that pumpkin
seed extract stimulated normal urine flow in
men with enlarged prostate.
Question #11: One of the healthiest herbs, packed with nutrition, stinging nettle has plenty of
health benefits, especially
for the prostate and
urinary tract. vii Stinging
nettle supports healthy
hormone levels and
hinders the transformation
of testosterone into
dihydrotestosterone, an
androgen hormone that
can be a determinant in
prostate enlargement.
Question #12: Damiana's Latin name is