Certified Aromatherapy – Final Exam

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Certified Aromatherapy - Final Exam
You'll need to correctly answer at least 30 of the 37 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: Did you read all the course materials? Did you complete all course recipe requirements?
Question #2: Angelica Archangelica
Question #3: Citrus Aurantium (Leaves)
Question #4: Abies Balsamea
Question #5: Helichrysum Angustifolium - Helichrysum, is also called
Question #6: Juniperus Virginiana is
Question #7: Tagetes Glandulifera - Tagetes is also called
Question #8: Thymus indicates
Question #9: Ginger is
Question #10: Some essential oil safety tips are
Question #11: Essential oils are flammable
Question #12: This oil should be avoided due to the high thymol content in this oil it should be avoided in pregnancy, it is a mucous membrane and dermal irritant.
Question #13: It is thought that this essential oil contains the chemical courmarin and could be a potential skin sensitizer. Individuals taking blood thinners should also avoid this oil until more information is known.
Question #14: Is a toxic essential oil, it is considered dangerous. It can cause convulsions, vomiting, uterine bleeding, etc. and death is normally the result of respiratory arrest and organ failure.
Question #15: Bergamot is the most photosensitizing oil it contains
Question #16: 20 drops is
Question #17: 60 drops equals
Question #18: Essential oils should be stored in
Question #19: Essential oils should be stored in
Question #20: Inhalation is when you directly, through steam
Question #21: A salve is an external application made from
Question #22: List 10 oils that can cause adverse reactions and what they are.
Question #23: List 10 oils that are not safe for use in pregnancy.
Question #24: You can use the following to test learn about an essential oils quality.
Question #25: This method of making essential oils uses steam
Question #26: Is it appropriate to have sex with a client?
Question #27: Oversuggesting is when an aromatherapists makes to many suggestions, what does this potentially cause?
Question #28: An essential oil that is used to relieve pain when applied topically also referred to an anodyne or local anesthetic or an
Question #29: A tonic
Question #30: These essential oils are a powerful tranquilizer and can produce sleep or calmness.
Question #31: Expectorant
Question #32: What is a part in aromatherapy?
Question #33: What is a carrier oil?
Question #34: These are top notes
Question #35: Share with us your thoughts and comments about the course. We want to always work to make the class better.
Question #36: Tell us what you loved about the class.
Question #37: How do you want your name on your certificate? Email this to demetria@demetria.com also.