Medical Terminology

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Medicinal Terminology Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 14 of the 28 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: acyanotic (ay-sI-a-not-ik) (adj) pertaining to the absence of cyanosis (slightly bluish, grayish, slatelike, or dark purple discoloration of the skin due to a reduction of oxygenated blood.
Question #2: adnexal (ad-nek-sal) (adj) relating to appendages or accessory parts of skin.
Question #3: oophorectomy (O-of-Or-ek-tO-mee) (n) surgical removal of one or both eyes.
Question #4: otitis externa (O-tI-tis eks-ter-na) (n) inflammation of the external ear
Question #5: pancrelipase (pan-kree-lip-ase) (n) standardized preparation of enzymes with amylase and protease, obtained from the pancreas of dogs.
Question #6: pathologic (path-O-loj-ik) (adj) pertaining to pathology, the medical science concerned with all aspects of disease, especially with the structural and functional changes caused by disease.
Question #7: percussion (per-kush-un) (n) a technique of physical examination in which the sound of fingers or a small tool tapping parts of the body is used to determine position and size of internal organs and to detect the presence of fluid
Question #8: vesicouterine (ves-i-kO-yoo-ter-in) (adj) pertaining to the kidneys and stomach.
Question #9: wheal (hweel) (n) a raised, red circumscribed lesion usually due to an allergic reaction; usually accompanied by intense itching; welt
Question #10: = teeth dentist
Question #11: = testis orchiditis, orchidectomy
Question #12: Cysto =
Question #13: Leuk/o = white leukemia (overabundance of white blood cells)
Question #14: Retro = behind retrosternal (behind the breastbone)
Question #15: Entra = within intravenous (inside the veins, e.g. IV fluids)
Question #16: -itis = inflammation tonsillitis, appendicitis
Question #17: Pne/u, -
Question #18: Nephr/o
Question #19: Hydro/o
Question #20: Colp/o
Question #21: -algia, algesia
Question #22: Pyel/o
Question #23: Word Root: Fundamental meaning of a medical term
Question #24: A suffix is added to the END of a word root or combining form to modify its meaning.
Question #25: poly, means no, not, without
Question #26: Many medical terms come from Greek or Latin words.
Question #27: Leuk/o = white leukemia (overabundance of white blood cells)
Question #28: Pri = upon, on top epidermis (the top or outermost layer of skin)