Circulatory System – Quiz

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Certified Herbalist Circulatory System
You'll need to correctly answer at least 15 of the 18 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: This is the muscular organ that pumps blood for the body?
Question #2: Carries oxygen throughout the whole body?
Question #3: Platelets
Question #4: The circulation of blood in the blood vessels of the heart muscle is called?
Question #5: Veins
Question #6: This herb is a superstar of the cardiac tonics, and possibly the most valuable tonic remedy for the cardiovascular system found in the plant kingdom.
Question #7: This herb is soothing and also a food herb that is good for cardiac health.
Question #8: This herb is an overall relaxing herb and is not only good for relaxing the cardiac system but the nervous system and overall stress issues.
Question #9: Lowers blood pressure by dilating peripheral blood vessels, improves circulation and increases peripheral blood flow.
Question #10: High in volatile oils this herb can assist with lessening anxiety, heart palpitations, and nervous tension.
Question #11: Helps to preserve a healthy circulatory system, helps to relieve nervousness and supports a feeling of calmness to assist in healthy sleep patterns, lack of proper sleep is detrimental to the circulatory system.
Question #12: This herb helps regulate tachycardia (uneven heartbeats) linked to stress and anxiety. It is also great for acute panic attacks or sudden sweeps of anxiety.
Question #13: When used as a balm or cream, it increases circulation as a rubefacient, this means they are warming and work to dilate capillaries, this action improves circulation.
Question #14: The iron found in this herb can help prevent this condition and improve circulation, safeguarding that different parts of the body are adequately oxygenated for ultimate working and functioning.
Question #15: This herb been studied for people with heart failure (a condition in which the heart can't pump enough blood to the organs in the body).
Question #16: This herb is a natural vasodilator, it is good for edema; it is a gentle diuretic and good for bloating.
Question #17: What are some causes of varicose veins?
Question #18: This herb is a stimulant that warms the circulatory system. This can result in dilated blood vessels, which can lead to a warming of the body.