Digestive System – Quiz

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Certified Herbalist Digestive System
You'll need to correctly answer at least 11 of the 13 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: The digestive process consists of
Question #2: What are some causes of indigestion?
Question #3: What are some signs of indigestion?
Question #4: What is a treatment for indigestion? These are a brief sketch, all herbs listed in the choices should be relevant for the answer to count.
Question #5: Because colitis is linked to stress what types of herbs should be included in a formula for this issue.
Question #6: Bitters are good for?
Question #7: Dandelion is a
Question #8: This organ cleanses the body of all the poisons that infiltrate it daily, including
fat, cholesterol, alcohol, drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational), artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, airborne pollutants, and poisons in the water and
Question #9: Indigestion can be caused by
Question #10: Comfrey’s Latin Name is
Question #11: Ginger’s Latin Name is?
Question #12: What is a materia medica?
Question #13: Chickweed’s Latin Name is?