Master Herbalist Course – Circulatory System

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Master Herbalist Course - Circulatory System - Quiz
Question #1: Circulation is the movement of substances such as nutrients and gases within blood vessels and cavities throughout the body.
Question #2: Red blood cells carry oygen in the blood.
Question #3: These transport red blood from the lungs to the heart using veins.
Question #4: What type of cells protect the body from disease?
Question #5: Systemic circulation is a section of the cardiovascular system which carries oxygenated blood from the heart through the aorta from the left ventricle where the blood has been previously transferred from pulmonary circulation to the rest of the body and delivers oxygendepleted blood back to the heart
Question #6: Laughter helps to strengthen the immune system.
Question #7: This herb's name means lions heart
Question #8: Blood thinners are anticoagulant herbs that work to prevent blood clotting. They include matters that contain coumarin, salicylate, or antiplatelet characteristics. Although these are not any documented cases of herbal interactions with the medicine warfarin, though, it is essential to have clients talk to their care providers.
Question #9: These herbs work to bring blood flow to an area. This has two apparent advantages. First, the rise in blood flow will aid in cleansing and nourishing the affected area. This simulates the method of inflammation but is less painful as the biochemical reason is different. The other field of use, though less preferred today, is bringing blood from extensive parts of the body into the skin which may reduce visceral pain.
Question #10: Is an Indole alkaloid, an adrenergic blocking agent utilized for working with mild to moderate hypertension through the disruption of norepinephrine vesicular storage. The antihypertensive actions of Reserpine are a consequence of its ability to deplete catecholamines from peripheral sympathetic nerve endings.
Question #11: What are 3 herbs good for high blood pressure?
Question #12: What are 3 herbs helpful for varicose veins?
Question #13: What is a good easy to find and use herb for circulatory health?