Master Herbalist Course – Welcome – Quiz

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Master Herbalist Course - Welcome - Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 7 of the 7 questions below ( 100%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: Did you read the student handbook?
Question #2: How can you contact Heart of Herbs Herbal School?
Question #3: Do you understand that all course materials are for your use only and that you will be removed from class for distributing course materials?
Question #4: I understand and affirm that I will read all course material and watch/listen to all the lectures. You will not get a complete education unless you do so.
Question #5: As a student, I understand that I need to list the herbs with both their common and Latin name.
Question #6: I understand that I CAN email, call, or use the student Facebook group for questions. I also understand that it is NOT acceptable to send homework through Facebook messenger or other products like Instagram or to ask enrollment/ homework questions via social media platforms. We do NOT accept homework submissions via social media, only the classroom. Please understand that we do use social media, but those platforms are not acceptable for educational support, they are not as reliable. Thanks!
Question #7: I understand that if I email any other email address other than that this is not the official contact email address and it may not be answered or delivered in a timely manner.