Tea Blending

Module 1 Introduction to Tea Blending
Lesson 1 Welcome  
Lesson 2 Welcome Tea Blending  
Lesson 3 History and cultural significance of tea blending  
Lesson 4 Overview of Different Types of Teas and Herbal Infusions  
Module 2 Mastering the Art of Tea Blending
Lesson 1 Understanding the Characteristics of Tea Leaves, Herbs, and Botanicals  
Lesson 2 Mastering the Art of Tea Blending Principles of Balance, Proportion, and Layering in Tea Blending  
Lesson 3 Tools and Equipment for Tea Blending  
Module 3 Exploring the Properties of Tea
Lesson 1 Module 3: Creating Tea Blends Exploring the Therapeutic Properties of Herbs and Botanicals  
Lesson 2 Selecting Herbs for Flavor Enhancement, Aroma, and Health Benefits  
Lesson 3 Safety Considerations and Contraindications in Herbal Tea Blending  
Module 4 Creating Tea Blends
Lesson 1 Creating Tea Blends  
Lesson 2 Health Benefits  
Module 5 Tea Recipes
Lesson 1 Tea Recipes  
Lesson 2 The Recipes