Herbal Business-Botanical Business Course

Module 1 Welcome to Herbal Business- Botanical Business Course
Lesson 1 Welcome to Herbal Business-Botanical Business  
Module 2 Starting Your Business
Lesson 1 Starting Your Business- Business Types  
Lesson 2 Starting Your Business- Business Naming  
Lesson 3 URLS and Websites  
Lesson 4 Loans or Bootstrapping?  
Module 3 Business Offerings- Structure
Lesson 1 Business Offerings and Connections  
Lesson 2 Ideal Client and Owners  
Lesson 3 Connections, blogs and social media  
Module 4 What is needed to sell products, have a clinic or shop
Lesson 1 Business Space  
Lesson 2 Clinical Space  
Lesson 3 Storefront/ Retail Space  
Lesson 4 Store Layout  
Lesson 5 Deciding Where to Sell  
Module 5 Insurance and Record Keeping
Lesson 1 Insurance  
Lesson 2 Record Keeping  
Lesson 3 Client Records  
Module 6 Your Future
Lesson 1 Goals  
Lesson 2 Dreams  
Lesson 3 Strengths and Weaknesses  
Lesson 4 Planning for the Future- Start from the Beginning  
Module 7 Workspace for your business
Lesson 1 Workspace: Commercial/ Home-based/ Clinic  
Lesson 2 Current Good Manufacturing Practice  
Lesson 3 Labeling and Design  
Lesson 4 Formulation Space  
Lesson 5 Safety Equipment  
Lesson 6 Sanitation  
Lesson 7 Tools to make work easier  
Module 8 Website and Social Channels
Lesson 1 What Makes a Good Website?  
Lesson 2 Social Media  
Lesson 3 Introducing your brand  
Lesson 4 Launch  
Lesson 5 Marketing your Business  
Lesson 6 Network Like a Pro  
Module 9 Money Mindset
Lesson 1 Money Mindset  
Lesson 2 What stops you?  
Lesson 3 Tackling Self Doubt  
Lesson 4 The Game Plan